Ainfox 10-inches 32 tooth/60 tooth Circular Miter Saw Blade Metal Sliver for Table Saw

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The General Purpose/Finish saw blade set consists of one general purpose blade a.
nd one finish blade designed for usage with a lot of 10" miter saw and table saw.
With a broad series of 32 Teeth and also 60 Teeth, these blades are perfect for making.
harsh or accuracy cuts in all sorts of wood. The sturdy carbide teeth are excellent for general cuts and also finish/trim cuts.
Suitable for crosscutting and also tearing of plywood, timber composites and also all-natural.
timbers, the 32 Tooth General Purpose Blade is developed forever all-around usage.
when holes as well as crosscuts have to be made with one saw blade.
Perfect for making accuracy cuts for basic finish job, the 60 Tooth Finish Blade can be use.
d in framework and wood decking too.


Shade: Sliver.
ATB work 10", 5/8" arbor.
Size: 10.2 x 10.2 x 5.5 inches.
Weight:3.2 extra pounds.
Package: Including 1 pcs 32 tooth blade and 1pcs 60 tooth blade.

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