Metal Spring Clamp Grips PVC Cushion Clips Steel Spring Clamps Have Vinyl tips handles to help prevent marring Great For Home DIY Projects as Camera Setups Craft Projects and More(4 inch-16pcs)

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Shopping GD steel spring clamps provides secure clamping power for carpentry, automotive or general purpose use



1:These lightweight, nickel-plated steel clamps with cushioned, contoured handles and non-slip jaws.Are great for woodworking and activities that require a fast and easy application to the work piece
2:Steel spring clamps are convenient wherever relatively light pressure is adequate and speedy application and removal are important
3:Heavy Duty Type Spring Clip Of A Front Shape,PVC-coated tips help protect surfaces from damage and soft PVC coating on handles.
4:Provides instant holding power and is easy to reposition during assembly, fastening, and gluing work,The list of uses is endless, and you can use them over and over again.
Metal Spring Clamp Of 2"": 50mm.
Metal Spring Clamp Of 4"": 100mm.
Metal Spring Clamp Of 6"": 150mm.

Remark:You will want to take them camping and use them around the house and for various things in the garage. You can hang decorations, create a make shift clothesline, hang a tarp or blanket, clip a bag of chips or the interior bag of many packaged items in your kitchen cabinets.

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