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Headstock speed: 2,000 rpm.
Motor input: 12VDC.
Max. Reducing size: 45mm( larger size is possible with intermediatepiece.
Facility distance: 135mm( with devices added lengthy device bed can much longer to 360mm).
Material: Carbon steel, Aluminum, ABS.
All kinds of wood (additionally difficult timber) can be processed.
Advised kinds of wood: Lim wood, birch, maple, pear tree, cherry tree (medium hard), beech tree, oak (difficult). also Can process integrated circuit, acrylics, wood, plastic, gold, silver, copper, steel, light weight aluminum, and so on. Every appropriate sculpt as well as gouge can be used.
weight:4.5 KG.
Panel saws.
Technique Data:.
1) Motor rate: 20,000 rpm.
2) Headstock rate: 2,000 rpm.
3) Support power: 14.5 VDC/2A/29W, Switching Adapter input 100V-240V.
4) Table size: 90 x 90mm.
5) Stroke of the jigsaw: 4mm.
6) Material: Carbon steel, Aluminum, ABS.
7) Max. density of cut: hardwood: 4mm, polywood: 7mm, softwood: 18mm, sheet steel: 0.5 mm, plexi-glass: 2mm.
8) Maximum dimensions on 3D (L/W/H centimeters): 15/10/14.
9) Net weight: 0.72 kg.
10) It is specially created that it is very safe when operating.

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