Rockler Table Saw Crosscut Sled

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No more squinting at those tiny scales! This Crosscut Sled features a large protractor scale way out at the end of the fence, allowing you to precisely tune your angles for air-tight miters and crosscuts. Easy-to-read 1/2 graduations and a hair-line indicator ensure error-free setups. Spacious MDF surface works perfect for crosscutting large panels, while self-adhesive low-friction tape allows easy sliding. Heavy-duty aluminum fence features an adjustable MDF face and a sliding flip-down stop. An aluminum hold-down slides along a separate slot to prevent material from shifting during the cut. Spring-loaded ball bearings in the miter bar are adjustable for a no-slop fit to the track and smooth, accurate cuts.

Aluminum fence measures 3"H x 25"L.
MDF fence face measures 2-7/8"H x 27"L.
MDF Fence face can be removed for replacement.
Spring-loaded ball bearings in the miter bar have adjustable tension to eliminate slop.
Adjustable 90 stop.
Optional Crosscut Sled Drop-Off Platform also available.

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