Stanley 16-781 Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Chisel, 1/8-Inch

Based upon Stanley's timeless 750 Series carve layout, this 1/8 Stanley Sweetheart Socket Chisel offers the tough durability of socket chisels together with a blade shape that gives accurate cuts in edges. Outlet knives are less likely to break than tang knives, however the outlet layout makes it extremely simple to change the supply handle with one you've transformed for a custom, comfortable hold. Machined in Sheffield, England, from high carbon chrome steel for very easy developing and also sharp edge retention over long periods of use. Side bevels are additional narrow for working in dilemmas, where precise cuts are critical. Likewise includes a durable hornbeam (also called ironwood) take care of with a big wonderful area for striking accuracy and a comfortable feeling. Steps 9 long. Honing advised before usage.

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